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About Us 關於我們

Home Lab International Co. was established in Hong Kong in 2018 to introduce professional concepts and technologies for removing formaldehyde to improve customers' hygienic environment. With continuous efforts, the business layout has already gained popular support in Hong Kong. We continue to listen carefully, observe, think and absorb the needs of each customer, continue to innovate, and introduce a variety of products, equipment, services and concepts, so as to develop different plan, Strive to meet different customers.

Home Lab International Co. 於2018年在香港成立,引進專業的除甲醛概念及技術,提升客戶的衛生環境。憑著不斷的努力,業務版圖經已在香港內深入民心。我們不斷細心聆聽、觀察、思考及吸收每個客戶所需,不斷創新,並引入多樣化的產品、設備、服務以至概念,從而發展多類型計劃方案,務求滿足不同的客戶。

Why Choose Us  為何選擇我們

In Hong Kong and Macau, we provide diversified products and services. These services include the removal of formaldehyde, atomization and disinfection, full-scale sterilization and disinfection, and complete extermination.

In addition, the formaldehyde service, we have a three-year service commitment to ensure customer peace of mind and give confidence.


Partnership   商業合作


If you have any cooperation inquiries, welcome to CONTACT US.


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