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"Chlo-min 80 Hypochlorous Acidic Water" dilution according to different uses. It has a broad spectrum of disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, formaldehyde and odor removal effects, and has achieved practical results in the improvement of many industrial environments. . This product is a colorless concentrated liquid with good stability, low use cost, safety and simple operation. It is suitable for improving the environment from homes, cars to public places, factories and other places. This product can be effectively disinfected and sterilized after spraying. If this product is used in an ultra-micro atomizer, continuous atomization can last for a long time to purify the air and freshen the environment.


Extensive testing and application practices have shown that the stable weak acid hypochlorous acid water HCLO is an effective and safe compound that can meet the application needs of different fields (Al-Haq, Sugiyama and Isobe, 2005; Thorn et al, 2012). At pH 3 or below, the weakly acidic hypochlorous acid water HCLO is present in a solution of hydrochloric acid and chlorine (HCl and Cl2, respectively). In solutions with a pH of 7.5 or higher, the weakly acidic hypochlorous acid aqueous HCLO solution contains more hypochlorite (ClO–). The active chlorine is eventually reduced to chloride ions (Cl-), which results in the reduction of the antibacterial activity of the weakly acidic hypochlorous acid water HCLO solution prepared by traditional methods over time, and is described as "highly unstable" (USDA-AMS, 2015 8 month). Weak acid hypochlorous acid water HCLO has no requirements for the treatment of toxic substances. OSHA believes that weak acid hypochlorous acid water HClO is not a hazardous waste after use, which provides a powerful condition for the use of weak acid hypochlorous acid water HCLO. HCLO can denature proteins and lose their activity, especially their inactivation of prion protein, which provides new opportunities for the design and implementation of disease control programs in medical institutions (Hughson et al, 2016). Prion infectivity is of particular concern because prions are known to be ubiquitous and extremely difficult to inactivate (Abbott, 2015). “Translator ’s Note: OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Therefore, the weak acid hypochlorous acid water HCLO can provide practical help for patient care when necessary. With the emergence of drug-resistant microorganisms, from foreign flaviviruses to high The importance of invasive Candida, yeast, and weakly acidic hypochlorous acid water HCLO (Sherry et al, 2017; Clancy and Nguyen, 2017). HClO is a sensory control product that has not been widely used at present. The fields of environmental sanitation, disinfection, food safety, and sanitation may all have a larger role.

關於CHLO - MIN 80次亞鹽素酸水

"Chlo-min 80 次亞鹽素酸水" 是可以根據不同用途進行稀釋後使用的業務型環境淨化消毒殺菌劑,其具有廣譜的消毒·殺菌·除臭·除甲醛·除異味等效果,並在眾多產業環境改善中取得了實際的成果。本品為無色濃縮型液體,具有較好的穩定性,安全及操作簡單的特點,適用於從家庭、汽車到公共場所、工廠等地的環境改善。本品噴塗後可有效消毒殺菌,更可持久淨化空氣,清新環境。

大量的測試和應用實踐表明,穩定的次亞鹽素酸水 HCLO 是一種有效和安全的化合物,可滿足不同領域的應用需求( Al-Haq、 Sugiyama and Isobe, 2005; Thorn et al, 2012)。在 pH 3 或以下時,次亞鹽素酸水 HCLO 存在於鹽酸和氯(分別為 HCl 和 Cl2)的溶液中。在 pH 值為 7.5 或更高的溶液中,次亞鹽素酸水 HCLO 溶液含有更多的次氯酸鹽( ClO–)。活性氯最終還原為氯離子( Cl-),導致傳統方法製備的次亞鹽素酸水 HCLO 溶液的抗菌活性隨時間而降低,並被描述為“高度不穩定”( USDA-AMS, 2015 年 8 月)。次亞鹽素酸水 HCLO 沒有有毒物質的處理要求,OSHA 認為次亞鹽素酸水 HClO 在使用後不屬於危險廢棄物,這為次亞鹽素酸水 HCLO 的使用提供了一個有力條件。 HCLO 可以使蛋白質變性而失去活性,特別是其對朊蛋白的滅活作用,為醫療機構疾病控制方案的設計和實施提供了新的機會( Hughson et al, 2016)。朊病毒感染性尤其值得關注,因為已知朊病毒普遍存在,而且極難滅活( Abbott,2015)。 “譯者注: OSHA,即職業安全與健康管理局。因此,次亞鹽素酸水 HCLO 可以在必要時為患者護理提供可行的幫助。隨著抗藥性微生物的出現,從外來黃病毒到高侵襲性念珠菌、酵母菌,次亞鹽素酸水 HCLO的重要性正在增加( Sherry et al, 2017 年; Clancy 和 Nguyen, 2017 年)。 HCLO 作為一種暫未被廣泛應用的感控產品,在環境衛生、消毒、食品安全和衛生領域都可能具有較大作為。

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