Terms and Conditions:

  1. HKD500 Deposit should be paid once the appointment confirmed within 24 hours.

  2. Balance should be paid after the service is done. We accept CASH or PAYME.

  3. All appointment schedule would be first come first serve basis.

  4. Additional HKD200 charge for Islands District service.

  5. We will adjust the service fee according to the change of market without further notice.

  6. The adjustment of the service charge would not affect all confirmed appointments.

  7. Service fee listed on website / social platform / prints are for reference only. Exact service fee would confirm under our quotation.

  8. If there are any damages during the service which is caused by our staff, we could pay the penalty max HKD200 after confirmed in the investigation.

  9. Home Lab International Co have all rights reserved to amend the terms and conditions.

  10. We may do photo taking during the services. Home Lab International Co would have all rights for the photo taken which includes but not limited to: Social Media Post, Online Media Post, Website Post, Internal Portfolio, etc.


  1. 確認工程預約時間後24小時內付訂金港幣500元方為完成訂單確認程序。

  2. 工程尾數支付方式可於當工程完成及檢查沒有問題後接受現金或用PAYME程式付款。

  3. 預約工程時間以客戶確認工程時間先後為準。

  4. 所有離島區服務另收附加費港幣200元。

  5. 本公司會因應市場的變化而隨時作出價格上的調整,價格調整並不會作出任何事先通知。

  6. 調整的價格將不會影響所有已落實進行的預約。

  7. 所有本公司網上或印刷品上的價目表只供參考之用,最終收費以本公司的正式報價單為準。

  8. 客戶如發現本公司專員在提供服務期間意外損毀單位內任何物件,經查明屬實後,本公司的賠償金額最高為港幣200。

  9. 本公司有權在合理情況下,隨時對服務條款及細則作出修訂、更改或增減,如有任何爭議,本公司保留一切最終決定之權利。

  10. 本公司會依實際情況於執行工程期間拍攝施工照片作為工程備註,並有機會分享於網上作工程案例。


Before Formaldehyde Removal Service:

  1. Formaldehyde Removal Service could be done after construction works and all furniture should be cleaned. If it hasn’t done, Formaldehyde test index would not be accurate and the service could not be reached the standard.

  2. Please close all furniture and slightly open the windows 4 hours before service in order to make sure we could test the most accurate formaldehyde index.

  3. We would arrange formaldehyde test onsite before and after the service. Our staff may suggest the most suitable service after the "before service" test.

  4. There is no 100% Formaldehyde remove for the service. Scent would only lower 60% to 70% after the service.


除甲醛工程前注意事項 : 

  1. 除甲醛工程必須在傢俬完成清潔及裝修師傅完成執漏後執行。如單位未完成清潔及執漏,甲醛檢測數值未能符合標準。另外,物料只會噴在灰塵和木碎上,事後清潔時工程物料會與灰塵和木碎一併抹走,而未能達到工程效果。

  2. 在檢測前4小時或以上,請把傢俬的櫃門關上,窗戶留兩至三隻手指位即可,以便量度準確的數值。

  3. 在當日工程前後都會進行一次檢測,依據同事現場檢測的數值會並會建議最終適合的工程。

  4. 除甲醛工程完成後,工程後傢俬氣味約會降低6至7成,並不會完全沒有殘留氣味。


After Formaldehyde Removal:

  1. Please open all furniture widely at least 24 hours in order to dry the Formaldehyde spray.

  2. The flat need to keep ventilation around 1 to 2 days so Formaldehyde could be dissolved more effectively.

  3. Painted Furniture is produced in high temperature process, Formaldehyde Index should be comparatively high. It takes more time for formaldehyde dissolve.

  4. All furniture could be cleaned again after 48 hours with water ONLY. No dry towel and detergent.

除甲醛工程後注意事項 : 

  1. 所有施工的傢俬櫃門需打開通風至少24小時以待物料完全乾透。

  2. 單位需保持通風至少1至2日,加速物料分解甲醛。

  3. 焗漆傢俬因經過高溫製作過程,甲醛數值一般較高,工程後會需要較多時間分解。

  4. 工程完成48小時後方可用清水輕抹施工的傢俬,請勿使用清潔劑及乾布。